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LED Power Repeater Series


PWM CV Power Amplifier

Wireless LED power repeater transfer 300Hz~20KHz PWM signal to expand power. It is consisted of emitter LT-3050 and receiver LT-3053-5A/LT-3053-5A. One emitter can match unlimited receiver if using the same frequency. supporting sync control on multiple receivers within effective distance. A very good solution for the LED project needs sync control wirelessly. Such as the wireless remote control between buildings, both sides of the roads, river banks and bridges, etc.

Adopt 2.4GHz global open ISM frequency channel, 64 groups wireless network can be chosen independently to avoid interference. Use relay settings or connect to booster antenna to further the communication distance.

    Input Voltage:
    Max Current Load:
    5A×3CH Max 15A
    Max Output Power:
    Working Frequency:
    2.4GHz ISM 64 Channels
    Communication Distance:
    Receiver Sensitivity:
    Working Temperature:
    Package Size:
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