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(CV 6A × 3CH)

Wireless Sync Controller

T3 is the 2.4GHZ RF wireless synchronization RGB controller which adopts LTECH multiple global initiate technology. The control system consists of two parts, the RF remote control and receiver; realize the signal synchronization on unlimited receivers within effective distance, a very good solution for the LED project needs sync control wirelessly. User-friendly full-color touch wheel for color selection, unique LED state light for sync change indicated, user can simply know the LED working state from distance by checking the remote control. Can RF remote control the functions of switch, pause, changing modes, changing speed and the brightness and so on. Built-in 32 changing modes, you can save the changing modes in the shortcut key as you like, which not only can call at any time, but also can combine into a program to play in loop.

    Input voltage:
    Max current load:
    6A×3CH Max 18A
    Max output power:
    Compatible remote control:
    Working temperature:
    Package size:
    Weight (G.W.):
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